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Welcome dear reader to the Art of Being Human, which is a process dedicated to finding peace, happiness and fulfillment, within a world that is constantly changing and a future that is uncertain.

Desire drives all of us and makes the world it into what it is; by its nature desire is the difference between what we don’t have and what we want to have. If we are seeking peace then deep within, we feel in conflict; if we are seeking fulfillment, then deep inside we feel empty, and if we are seeking happiness, then deep down we feel sad. These three desires compel us to seek their gratification within the external world and due to the ephemeral nature of this world, they can never be satiated, but we keep on trying. Since, they are also sub-conscious we are usually not aware of them; yet, we still feel their pull, act out their drive, but fail to understand them. This leads to a constant nagging doubt about ourselves, a feeling that we are inadequate in some way, compounded by the fact that we are still not entirely conscious of what is going on within us. Not knowing, creates a vacuum of fear within, which pushes us, unwittingly, towards the 'anchor of permanence' and the need to fill ourselves with possessions and prestige.

To become conscious, of our sometimes conflicting ruminations, we have to develop the courage to go within ourselves and determine what needs are actually motivating us. Our needs drive us to seek out the good things and are essential for the journey of life; however, when we fail to satisfy them, it can create the polar opposite of tension, conflict, emptiness and fear for our survival. Whilst we intellectually know that we will all leave this earth one day, we don't live as if we will: since, the human condition is to live in denial of the human condition. Thoughts and feelings about death tend to get suppressed causing a schism within, further alienating the fact of human mortality. The University of Life teaches us by the contrast of opposites; it is through impermanence that we learn and evolve: there is no growth without change, and there is no change without birth and death. To recognise this and live in accordance with it, is known, in the Tibetan Dzogchen tradition, as: Shambhala - The Sacred Path of the Warrior.

Without impermanence the universe would not work; yet, our insecurities drive us to fix things and make life solid and dependable, which becomes the root of the fear and anxiety that haunts modern society. However, if we are able to accept our vulnerability and fallibility, we can learn from our humanity. Compassion, understanding and love are attributes that can only be developed in truth; they are the result of a courage that faces the reality of this finite world. If we can develop the resolve to face our fears and look within, we will discover a whole new world that is based upon who we truly are, rather than who we think we should be. Inside all of us we find our true nature, the reason for our existence and the pattern of the life we were born to live. Letting go of the need for permanence, is the route to realising our wholeness; thereby, healing our self and the planet. It is the most effective way of finding the peace, happiness and fulfillment that we all strive for, without the risk of being consumed by the act of consumption.

The solution I am proposing I call the Life Process, which I have developed over the past 20 years. The Life Process is a method for healing the trauma of separation from our true nature and each other. It is the result of my extraordinary life journey: as a child I was exposed to severe abuse and suffered three violent near-death-experiences before the age of nine. By facing my traumas I have been able to transform them, and in that process, I have learnt that we are more than our physical body: we are pure eternal consciousness that has manifested upon earth to experience being human. In letting go of my need for permanence, I was able to feel the tenderness of my heart, and by embracing this softness, I discovered the ground of fearlessness. Within the human heart, we realise that the only thing in life that is sustainable, is the meaning we give to our experiences; the only thing of value, is the beauty we carry within us, and our only abiding purpose, is to love one another...Read More

"When we finally know we are dying, and all other sentient beings are dying with us, we start to have a burning, almost heartbreaking sense of the fragility and preciousness of each moment and each being, and from this can grow a deep, clear, limitless compassion for all beings.”
 – Soygal Rinpoche - Tibetan Dzogchen Lama